Virtual Consultation

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Are you planning to visit our boutique?

We are now offering an exciting new ‘virtual appointment’ so that you can see our dresses before visiting the shop in person.

A virtual appointment allows us to prepare for your in-store appointment, giving you more time with the selection of gowns or outfits you wish to try.

We understand that everybody’s situation is different and that some of you may be looking for a Wedding Gown, Mother of the Bride or Formal wear but may not be able to visit our boutique in person at this time. A virtual appointment would then be perfect for you!

Bridesmaids Dresses
One on one session with our Chequers stylist.
Browse our range from the comfort of your home.
We allocate 45 mins duration so we have plenty of time to chat.
Friends & loved ones can join in and be part of your experience.